Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an Undiscovered Horizon?  An Undiscovered Horizon is a Personal Destiny that has not yet been identified by the person for whom it was designed by God.

What is the Ultimate Destination?  The Ultimate Destination is the fulfillment of your Personal Destiny.

What is Life’s Most Incredible Odyssey?  Life’s Most Incredible Odyssey is the journey one takes to fulfill their Personal Destiny. It is the ultimate journey . . . the only journey that truly matters . . . the realization of your – Life’s Purpose.

In a nutshell, what is the book about?  This question is answered on the Undiscovered Horizons button on the menu bar at the top of this page.

What prompted you to write it?  In April 2011 my gall bladder exploded and was misdiagnosed in a hospital emergency room as acid reflux. Two months later, at a different hospital, I landed in the emergency room with a suspected heart attack. An angiogram cleared me of that, but a scan of my gall bladder revealed that it could not be seen. A surgeon opened me up and discovered massive amounts of gangrene, the brittle pieces of what was once the gall bladder, and poisons that were flowing throughout my vital organs.

During that five-hour emergency surgery, I died on the table – and came back – twice. As incredible as it sounds, I went to Heaven and literally touched the Face of God. In an instant, I was shown that all of us have a role in life, created for us before we are ever born. We each have an intrinsic talent that rolls out of the womb with us – which is why some people can play symphonies before they’re old enough to go to school, without ever having had any musical training. It’s why others wind up in college before they’re teenagers. Each of us is born with an intrinsic talent, but we often fail to recognize it or develop it until it’s too late, if ever.

I was shown that most of the world’s problems exist today because the right person is not doing the right thing in the right place at the right time . . . a lot like the problems that a typical office in America experiences when one of the staff is out of the office for a day or more. Their job is done by someone other than them, if at all, and is often done inaccurately or at a slower speed or a lower level of quality. My Personal Destiny was revealed to me . . . to help others find their Destinies. I’ve been coaching and counseling other people literally since I was in grade school, and now I know why.

My book, on which I’ve been working off and on for years, suddenly took on new meaning and new urgency. It is no longer just something that I’ve “always wanted to write.” It is now a cornerstone of the fulfillment of my own Personal Destiny, of the fulfillment of many, many more Destinies for others in the months and years ahead.

What impact do you hope the book will have on others?  I hope the book creates a worldwide renewal of interest in the meaning of life and the reasons we exist. As people around the world begin, in earnest, to seek and fulfill their own unique Personal Destinies, I hope we’ll see a revival in self-fulfillment, faith and service to others. In America, specifically, I hope we’ll see a reversal in the downward spiral of consumer confidence that we’ve been caught in for the past several years. People on a path to fulfill their own Destiny are excited, energized people who are confident of positive outcomes and optimistic about the future of our country and our world. I hope this book’s message drives such an outcome.

Why would I be interested in the book’s message?  You will be interested in the book’s message if you want to leave the world better off because you lived. You’ll be interested in it if your life is in transition, or at a crossroads. Perhaps you’ve just graduated, have your entire life ahead of you, and are in search of adventure, discovery and meaning. Or maybe you’ve just retired, but you’re not ready to retire. Perhaps you still have a job, but you’re at a dead end because your career is disappearing or leaving you behind. It could be that you’re a stay-at-home mom and you want more than a treadmill and a routine. Or that you’re a Christian, but you still don’t know exactly how you fit into God’s Plan. Quite possibly, you’ve just experienced loss in your life . . . the loss of a child or a spouse, or a marriage, or a job, or a home, or your self-esteem . . . and you want to find some reason for soldiering on. Or perhaps you haven’t experienced loss at all . . . you’re happy, but you’re not happy. You feel successful, but not fulfilled. You’re looking for something more. You’re curious about this “Destiny” thing. Is it real? Is it the answer to the uncertainty that seems to fill your life these days? In the end, you’re seeking real meaning in your life and you suspect this book will help you find it. So, invest thirty bucks, fasten your seat belt, and head down the highway toward your Undiscovered Horizons. Your Destiny is waiting!

How is Undiscovered Horizons different than other books written about Destiny?  Quite simply, it’s a trip to Heaven, and an opportunity to learn first-hand that Destiny is real, and that everyone has a specific, unique, pre-destined purpose for being on this earth. On January 31, 2012 there were 692 books about Destiny on Some are actually career guides, others are Bible study guides for Christian women, some are personal strategic planning workbooks, and still others are designed to help the reader discover what they’re passionate about or good at. Virtually all of them are written on the premise that Destiny is something to be created or shaped or determined by the reader. Most are written in a “how-to” format, with step-by-step instructions. Undiscovered Horizons is different. It is based on the premise that your Destiny is pre-determined, is set for you before you are born, and is woven into the fabric of your Core Values and your Intrinsic Gift, not into your job or career. Although your free will allows you to chart your own course through life, discovering and fulfilling your Destiny – discovering what is just over the horizon of our life – is the one true path toward loving what you do, living up to your potential, and leading a fulfilling life. This book is not about discovering your passion; it’s about discovering why you’re passionate. My book, unlike any of the others, is a one-on-one letter to you, sharing the path I took through Heaven to find and fulfill my own Destiny . . . written in such a way that you discover your destiny while sharing the journey I took to discover mine.