Your Personal Destiny Plan


workbookYour Personal Destiny Plan

It’s the perfect companion to Undiscovered Horizons: The Ultimate Destination of Life’s Most Incredible Odyssey!   This workbook closely follows the ideas and concepts presented in Undiscovered Horizons and is divided into three main sections that provide the tools, templates, resource lists and action steps that will help you identify–and fulfill–your own unique Personal Destiny.

Section One, Steps to Finding and Fulfilling Your Destiny, provides an in-depth look into the objectives, action steps and exercises for each of the steps to finding and fulfilling Personal Destiny that are revealed in Undiscovered Horizons.

Section Two is a toolbox that includes a list of nearly 300 common personal values and their definitions, and a master list of skills, abilities and talents.  Also included is a list of eleven major categories of passions, hobbies and pastimes, along with dozens of examples of interests and activities that are typical of each category.

Section Three provides the structure for Your Personal Destiny Plan and the tools and templates needed to develop your Plan.

You’ll find Your Personal Destiny Plan to be an invaluable resource in the search for your Personal Destiny, and as you plan a course to fulfill that Destiny.  This book is affordably priced at $19.95 and is offered at a 20% discount (just $15.95) when purchased as a set with Undiscovered Horizons.